Doctors at Sunnybank Hills will commence a new fee schedule beginning from 20th of February 2023.

We also extend bulk billing to the following situations:

  • Patients under 16 years old
  • Concession card holders (pension card, healthcare card) and DVA card holders
  • Appointments of the following types
    • GP Management Plans including review of plan
    • Mental Health Care Plans including review of plan
    • Health assessment
    • Home Medication Review
    • Government funded immunisations
    • National cancer screening program
  • The practice management reserves the right to determine bulk-billing eligibility on an individual basis

Outside of the above bulk billing situations, below is a list of our common consultation fees (same fees apply for telehealth consultations). The total payment is required at the time of consultation. EFTPOS is available if you are paying on site, with the option of Medicare rebates for eligible services deposited back to your bank account (this currently only works with physical debit cards or bank cards, it does not work with credit cards or digital payment methods eg. Apple Pay). For any queries please contact our reception on 07 3557 7811.

Short appointment

Standard appointment

Long appointment

Out of pocket $15.00

Out of pocket $30.00

Out of pocket $50.00

Total payment $33.20

Total payment $69.75

Total payment $126.95

Medicare rebate $18.20

Medicare rebate $39.75

Medicare rebate $76.95

All new patients are required to book into a long consultation for their first visit to our practice, with an out of pocket fee of $60.00. This long consultation is required to understand the full background history so we can provide comprehensive support.

A standard appointment allows us time to properly deal with one key issue or two smaller issues. You will be asked to book another appointment if you have more issues to discuss. If you have a more complex situation or if you wish to discuss mental health concerns, please book a long consultation so we can provide comprehensive support.

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